Strain: Seriosa.
Pheno: Short, faster & dense Pheno (Orange Wine gum One).
Genetics: AK47 x Serious Mimosa.
Breeder: Serious Seeds.
Sativa / Indica / hybrids: Mixed hybrid, about 50/50 indica/sativa.
Kind: Flower.
Grower: Trichohisme LTD.
Way of smoking: Verdamper.
Report writer: Vaporizing Cat.
Temperature: 180 ℃ / 356 ℉.

The Looks, 9.2/10.

Flower and was a bit faster ready then the other plants.
Dry Nug Light to dark green cover with trichomes that make it look like sugar coated.

The Smell, 8.7/10.

Like sweet ripe Oranges tasting Wine gum.
There is some sour and pine With hit of fresh floral.
And some berry gas in the background.
Very deep and complex.

The Taste, 9.0/10.

Ripe Oranges hit hard.
There is a nice pine with sour hits.
The after taste is that gassy berry.
You feel the tasty stick to your tongue feels like a layer of oil.
It stayed there for some time. It was very nice.

The Feeling, 8.9/10.

Round1: It’s starting with Floating head.
Round2: A battle Stoned Vs. High.
Round3: Brings a dreamy feeling but not that sleepy feels it’s like a nice mix.
Round4: Focus with the eyes gets a bit harder while typing feels the face muscle get muted.
Round5; Kicking the stress away and it dial down the brain but not that hammer effect.
Round6: Getting a Mood kick start and the brain gets very mellow.
Round7 we are going to drop 1 more bowl and enjoy this ride…

Summary of the flavors,

Gassy Berry [5]
Floral / Flora [3]
Fruit [3]
Licorice [1]
Ripe Orange [6]
Pine [4]
Sour [5]
Sweet [6]

Summary of the effect,

Anxiety relief [7] Audio perception [9] Communication [4] Consider process [4]
Appetite [7] Humor experience [8] Ability to rest or sit [4] Paranoia relief [4]
Pain relief [3] Sex drive [7] Sleep [3] Taste perception [6] Imagination / creativity [6]
Visual observation [4]

Profile: 45% 55% (Percentage of head to body (e.g. 80% head 20% body).
Potency: 8,9 (1-10, 1 being extremely weak and 10 being extremely potent).
Duration: 112Mins (approx length of buzz, from first hit).
Use: Late day Start Evening.
Munchies: Yeah.