Triple Zero

Strain: Triple Zero.
Genetics: Maroc Hashish.
Kind: Hashish.
Coffeeshop: Katsu.
Report Writer: Vaporizing Cat.
Way of smoking: Vulcano.

The Looks: 7,0/10.

Its a Light to dark brown.
Not that sticky it more harder then there the more new school hash.
looks and feel really like a classic Maroc hashish.

The Smell, 8,1/10.

Smell like a Ketama big time.
A very sweet honey with a layer off earth on it.

The Taste, 8,4/10.

Yeah a strong old school hash taste does me remember sputnik from grasshopper.
Some vanilla toffee after taste.
Its honey with a sweet earth taste very old school marco.

The Feeling, 8,9/10.

Very body stoned it push me down like a weight.
A good pain killer and close you eyes time.
Get push in the chair and did almost fall asleep.
Getting the munchies To.

Summary of the flavors,
Earth [8
Hash [4]
Honey [8
Nuts [2]
Sweet [8
Toffee [4
Vanilla [2

Summary of the effect,  
Anxiety relief [4] Audio perception [5] Communication [6
Consider process [4] Appetite [8] Humor experience [4]
Ability to rest or sit [8] Paranoia relief [5] Pain relief [9
Sex drive [3] Sleep [8] Taste perception [6]
Imagination / creativity [5] Visual observation[4]

Profile: 10% 90% (Percentage of head to body (e.g. 80% head 20% body).
Potency: 8 (1-10, 1 being extremely weak and 10 being extremely potent).
Duration: 115 mins (approx length of buzz, from first hit).
Use: Yes big time.
Munchies: Evening / Night.

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