Grease Monkey

Strain: Grease Monkey.
Genetics: Gorilla Glue #4 x Cookies and Cream.
Breeder: Exotic Genetix.
Indica / Sativa / hybride: Indica / Sativa.
Report Writer:
Vaporizing Cat
Way of smoking:

The Looks: 8,0/10.

The Smell, 8,0/10 Dominant smell is vanilla with fuel.

A sweet Vanilla rush goes to the noise.
A bit of herbs and some Lemonade is there to.
That add with a hand of smelly nuts.
There is a well notice earthy & pine smell.

The Taste, 7,5/10 Dominant taste is Vanilla with earth.

Very smooth vaporize no couching.
Very nice pine with vanilla and some great earth it like a smoothie.
Every rip taste like you eating some bag off nuts.
A herb and earthy after taste.

The Feeling, 8,0/10 Dominant feeling is mood kicker.

Happy up rush and give a lose feel clam the stress to.
Almost of you walking in the ISS.
Some muscle feel not that stress.
Shoulders feel very lose.

Summary of the flavors,
Earth [7]
Chocolate [4]
Pine [7]
Nuts [7]
Coconut [5]
Herbs [4]
Mint [7]
Sour [3]
Vanilla [7]
Sweet [5]

Summary of the effect,  

Anxiety relief [8] Audio perception [10] Communication [5]
Consider process [6] Appetite [6] Humor experience [7]
Ability to rest or sit [5] Paranoia relief [9] Pain relief [7]
Sex drive [6] Sleep [4] Taste perception [7]
Imagination / creativity [8] Visual observation [8]

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