White Wizard #2

Strain: White Wizard.
Genetics: WhiteFx x Bwiz.
Breeder: F707seeds.
Kind: Flower.
Grower Frosty707uk.
Gifted: Frosty707uk.
Way of smoking: De Verdamper.

The Looks: 9,0/10.

Very dense and great bag appeal.
Love the purple glow in the back looking like the Bwiz.

The Smell, 8,8/10.

Sweet lemon sour OG cake .
Very nice rain forest fresh minty Candy.

The Taste, 9,2/10.

Sweet melon sour candy.
Sweet OG lemon Pie with some fresh sour rainforest taste.
It smooths it almost if you vape a sweet sour candy store.
The after taste is epic OG lemon sour roadhouse sweet.

The Feeling, 8,9/10.

Start with a great head buzz, dropping inspiration and make your mood very chill and happy.
Behind the eyes high you know that floating effect and the loss of time.
After some time it moves to more head hammer and slower makes your eyes heavy.
It kills the pain in the back very well but you still want to do things.
The depression even gets mellow and gives me some room to pick up the camera again.

Big thanks @frosty7070uk .

Summary of the flavors,

Bubblegum [4]
Floral / Flora [7]
Fruit [3]
Lemon [5]
Lime [3]
Melon [3]
Mint [8]
Paint [2]
Pine [8]
Sandalwood [1]
Sour [7]
Sweet [6]

Summary of the effect,  

Anxiety relief [7] Audio perception [5] Communication [6] Consider process [8]
Appetite [7] Humor experience [5] Ability to rest or sit [5] Paranoia relief [8]
Pain relief [8] Sex drive [6] Sleep [4] Taste perception [6]
Imagination / creativity [8] Visual observation [7]

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