Popeye OG Kush

Strain: Popeye OG Kush.
Genetics: Chemdawg X Lemon Thai X Pakistani Kush X Unknown.
Breeder: Clone Only.
Indica / Sativa / hybride: Indica/hybrid OG dominant
Kind: Flower.
Coffeeshop Siberië.
Report writer: Mr. Black Cat 
Way of smoking: vaporizer / Vulcano 205

The Looks: 7,8/10.

Very dense one of the densest i have see.
Dark green and dark orange Pistils.
The nug is nice and cover in Trichomes.

The Smell, 9,0/10.

Not very pungent before you have grind it.
But still very nice.
Some light Diesel and some pine combine with some earth.

The Taste, 8,8/10.

Very smooth but you notice that it is strong.
We notice the OG Kush in here.
A light Pine taste with a deep earth taste as well
There is some hits of  hash with musk some diesel fuel to,
That all with some sprinkles of light lemon.
Very nice flavors we keep on hitting it.

The Feeling, 9,5/10.

One of the better head banging ones. 
The forehead is getting heavy the view is getting a little bit blurry its very nice.
Muscle start to lose up big time, pain getting a bit mute down.
Feels like you not want to do allot you just want to relax and sit down.
One of the best pain killing strain i have try not a day time smoke yeah when you want to chill.
Great sleep from the Popeye feel like reborn the next day.
Still a bit light in the head the next morning.

Summary of the flavors,
Earth [2]
Pine [1]
Hash [3]
Hay [3]
Lemon [4]
Musk [4]
Sour [2]

Summary of the effect,  
Anxiety relief [8] Audio perception [3] Communication [3]
Consider process [2] Appetite [7] Humor experience [5]
Ability to rest or sit [9] Paranoia relief [5]
Pain relief [9] Sex drive [3] Sleep [8] Taste perception [4]
Imagination / creativity [4] Visual observation [3]

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