Blissful Wizard #2

Strain: Blissful Wizard #2.
Genetics: Captain’s Cookies x Girl Scout Cookies.
Breeder: The Capitan’s Connection.
Indica / Sativa / hybride: Indica / Sativa.
Kind: Flower.
Grower SD710uk / Frosty707uk.
Gifted: SD710uk / Frosty707uk.
Way of smoking: De Verdamper.
Report writer: Mr. Black Cat.

The Looks: 8,1/10.

The Smell, 8,0/10.

Earth with a sweet sour fruity one.
Paint and some Floral drip in some musk sauce

The Taste, 8,3/10.

A deep dark earth with some nice sweet & sour.
Very smooth in the vaporizer.
A very nice sweet flora after taste.

The Feeling, 9,0/10.

On 195 it gives a very happy head high.
After 10 mins it get a bit more of a body effect.
Still a great up-high
The mussels and shoulder getting relax.
Feels like it mellow the feelings and thinking.
The feeling hold long on and is very strong.

Summary of the flavors,
Earth [8]
Floral / Flora [6]
Pine [4]
Fruit [4]
paint [4]
Sour [4]
Sweet [6]

Summary of the effect,  
Anxiety relief [8] Audio perception [6] Communication [5] Consider process [6]
Appetite [8] Humor experience [8] Ability to rest or sit [5] Paranoia relief [8]
Pain relief [8] Sex drive [7] Sleep [6] Taste perception [7] Imagination / creativity [5]
Visual observation [4]

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