Grapefruit Zkittlez

Strain: Grapefruit Zkittlez.
Genetics: Grape Ape x Grapefruit x Unknown Strain.
Breeder: Pheno Finder Seeds.
Indica / Sativa / hybride: Mostly indica.
Kind: Coffeeshop Flower.
Coffeeshop: Voyager.
Report writer: Mr. Black Cat.
Way of smoking: De Verdamper.

The Looks: 6,1/10.

Not that dense not a super bag appeal.
Dark green buds. 

The Smell, 8,8/10.

Sweet berry`s with a nice fresh fruit Smell.Some Sour grapes there to.
There some flower perfume after some time of smelling.

The Taste, 8,2/10.

A very great Fresh fruity Taste.
There some sour grape with And some sweet berry`s.
There is Some smoke with flora After taste.

The Feeling, 3,0/10.

It`s heavy on the head.
Give a light relax body feeling.
It does nothing with the  mood no Euphoric or Uplifting at all.
Its a very monotone feeling just that heavy feeling on the eyes.
Did get a bit of hunger and little bit sleepy but not that extreme.
One of the worst strain i try this not for me.

Summary of the flavors,
Berry [5]
Blueberry [1]
Floral / Flora [2]
Fruit [4]
Grape [4]
Grapefruit [6]
Sour [4]
Sweet [4]

Summary of the effect,  
Anxiety relief [1] Audio perception [3] Communication [1] Consider process [1]
Appetite [2] Humor experience [1] Ability to rest or sit [1] Paranoia relief [1]
Pain relief [1] Sex drive [1] Sleep [1] Taste perception [3]
Imagination / creativity [1] Visual observation [1]

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