The OG #18

Strain: OG #18.
Genetics: OG kush.
Breeder: DNA Genetics.
Indica / Sativa / hybride: Indica Dominant hybrid.
Kind: Flower.
Grower: Royal Resin.
Way of smoking: Herborizer 5.5.
Report writer: Mr. Black Cat

The looks, 7.5/10
Darker OG green with allot of resin and with dark orange hairs.
Very frosty.

The Smell, 9.2/10 Dominant smell is Sour diesel.

A Earthy with a strong diesel and citrus.
Some nice sour zest with some sweet wood.
Very loud smelling.

The Taste, 8.9/10 Dominant taste is sweet earthy diesel.

A sour woody taste with a diesel fuel layer to it.
Some sour earthy after taste. 

The Feeling, 9/10 Dominant feeling is Stoned to the bone.

Great hard hitting indica.
Stoned to the bone very good for pain and stress release.
Not a wake and bake yeah for people like me with PTSD and Depression it totally slow you down.
No underbelly pushing feeling all getting relax to the bone.

Summary of the flavors,

Summary of the effect,
Anxiety relief [9] Audio perception [5] Communication [4]
Consider process [5] Appetite [7] Humor experience [5]
Ability to rest or sit [9] Paranoia relief [8] Pain relief [8]
Sex drive[5] Sleep[7] Taste perception[6]
Imagination / creativity[5] Visual observation[5]

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