Mango Haze

Strain: Mango Haze.
Genetics: (Haze x Haze) x NL #5} x {(Haze x Haze) x Skunk #1).
Breeder: Mr Nice Seedbank.
Kind: Flower.
Coffeeshop: Katsu.
Way of smoking: De Verdamper.

The Looks: 8,1/10.

Light green with Orange pistils.
Not Very Dense but not to fluffy to its a bity 50/50.

The Smell, 7,8/10.
A fresh Tropical cream with a epic layer of mango icing.
All that combine wit some nice sweet candy smell.

The Taste, 8,9/10.
There some very nice Tropical taste like the smell.
The Mango haze have some sweet mango candy taste to.

The Feeling, 9,8/10.
Very uplifting and happy making.
It helps very good against my PTSD and depression.
The relaxing effect is very good.
Happy up high with a floating kick in it.
Dream away and feeling to the max of relax.
A Epic Amsterdam walking smoke.

Summary of the flavors,
Citrus [1]
Floral / Flora [2]
Fruit [4]
Mango [8]
Sandalwood [4]
Sweet [4]
Tropical [6]

Summary of the effect,  
Anxiety relief [8] Audio perception [6] Communication [6]
Consider process [5] Appetite[4] Humor experience [7]
Ability to rest or sit [5] Paranoia relief [6] Pain relief [4]
Sex drive [6] Sleep [4] Taste perception [4]
Imagination / creativity [7] Visual observation [6]

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