Strain: SilverFlieds.
Genetics: Supersilverhaze X Killingfields F2.
Sativa / Indica /hybrids: Mostly sativa.
Kind: Flower.
Breeder: Sannie Seeds.
Way of smoking: Vulcano.
Report writer: Vaporizing Cat.

The Looks, 8.5/10.

Nice orange pistils and medium dense.

The Smell,  8.8/10.
A Sweet with berry`s and with some peppery and citrus in the mix.
There some deep herbal smell to.

The Taste, 9.0/10.
A nice Sweet with Citrus taste that with some hits of berry’s.
There is a nice herbal and peper after taste.

The Feeling, 9.5/10.
High like a air balloon.
Mood get a upper boots and some inspiring ideas starting to kick in.
Sometime you forget what you was doing.
But most of the time you very focus just those floating away moments.
One of the best effect in a long time.

Summary of the flavors,
Berry [5]
Cherry [2]
Citrus [8]
Floral / Flora [2]
Herbs [6]
Pepper [8]
Sour [5
Spice [6]
Sweet [6]

Summary of the effect,
Anxiety relief [8] Audio perception [8] Communication [5] Consider process [6]
Appetite [7] Humor experience [7] Ability to rest or sit [3] Paranoia relief [7]
Pain relief [6] Sex drive [6] Sleep [6] Taste perception [8] Imagination / creativity [9]
Visual observation [6]

Profile: 85%/ 15% / 80% 20% (Percentage of head to body (e.g. 80% head 20% body).
Potency: 8.5 (1-10, 1 being extremely weak and 10 being extremely potent).
Duration: 1 hour 45 mins(approx length of buzz, from first hit).
Use: Daytime for creativity.
Munchies: yes

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