Green Manalishi

Strain: Green Manalishi.
Genetics: Pacific G13 x G13/HP.
Breeder: Motarebel.
Sativa / Indica /hybrids: Mostly indica.
Kind: Flower.
Way of smoking: Newvape 620.
Report writer: Vaporizing Cat.

The Looks, 7.3/10.

The Smell,  8.0/10.
A nice fresh smelling strain.  
Sweet with some herbal and some nice hash smell. 
If take you take in the smell for some time a deeper sour with earthy and hazelnut smell is noticeable.     
After grinding there came a little Petroleum smell free.

The Taste, 7.8/10.
Truly a delicious taste in the Vaporizer. 
The Vapor taste if there are angels pissing on you tongue but in heavenly style.
A fresh herbal taste is was you first notice.
With a really nice sweet and sour taste and some nice hash in the background.  
The After taste is a earth with hazelnut we do not notice the Petroleum which was released after the grinding.

The Feeling, 9.2/10.
The G13 / hash plant combo men oh men epic painkiller.  
Really unbelievable i have a very pain full left angle bone stick out on the lower part (Close wound now) but after this i even forget we have angle`s.
It grow a bit sneaky on you at first i did doubt about the vap but in mins it was …. BOM!!!
Gong fill a second.
That second balloon on 220 did really chilling it all down.
The effect is really medical and i really love the way it kill my pain in my left feet.

Summary of the flavors,
Strawberry [] Earth [] Ammonia [] Pineapple [] Banana [] Berry [] Floral / Flora [2]
Blueberry [] Fuel [] Yeast [] Grass [] Grapefruit [] Hash [6] Haze [] nuts [1] Hay [1]
Cheese [] maroon [] Cherry [] Butter [] Bubblegum [] Cedar [1] Chocolate [] Citrus []
Pine [1] Drop [] Grape [] Mint [] Fruit [] coffee [] Coconut [] herbs [4] Lemon []
Mango [] Melon [] Menthol [] Mint [] Musk [] Nutmeg [5] Notes [2] Orange []
Pepper [] Peach [] Petroleum [4] Sandalwood / licorice [] Mold [] Skunk []
Spar [2] Sour [2] Turpentine [] toffee [] Vanilla [] Sweet [5] Acid []

Summary of the effect,
Anxiety relief [6] Audio perception [4] Communication [5] Consider process [5] Appetite [8]
Humor experience [4] Ability to rest or sit [9] Paranoia relief [6] Pain relief [9]
Sex drive [3] Sleep [8] Taste perception [5] Imagination / creativity [4] Visual observation [5]

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